Foreign Investors Target US Real Estate

ImageThe buzz in the real estate industry over the past year or so has been that foreign investors are flooding the American real estate market.

The IRS addresses this growing trend on its Web site.

CNBC reported on it earlier this year.

The Wall Street Journal made predictions about it last week.

Financial Times concurs that foreigners just can’t get enough of American real estate.

Here recently I’ve seen evidence of the growing interest from foreigners in the traffic on this Web site. Since I set it up in 2007, 99% of my traffic has been from within the United States. According to this screen shot from my analytics page, however, my traffic came from 12 different countries in just the last seven days. I have never seen anything like this before.

Looks like they really are coming… or at least they’re thinking about it. I’m getting my Rosetta StoneĀ® ready.

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