Embracing the Community of Hanahan

My family and I have been members of the Hanahan, South Carolina community for about three months now, and we are really excited about the way they do things here.

A couple weeks ago my daughter sang with her elementary school chorus at the grand opening of the city’s beautiful new outdoor amphitheatre. The program for the day centered around Veteran’s Day, and was full of so much patriotism I had to keep reminding myself of where I was. It felt more like a Washington, D.C. presentation than one from a small town in South Carolina.

Hanahan, South Carolina Christmas Tree Lighting

This past weekend Hanahan lit the city’s Christmas Tree at the new amphitheatre. Again, my daughter sang with her chorus. The middle school and high school bands also performed, as well as a community theatre group, the high school chorus, and a church.

I’ve lived in several other cities and states around the country, and I’ve never seen a community that honors and respects its veterans, children, and elders as much as this city does. Already I can see that the loyalty in this community is very strong. Everyone has their place and their role to fill.

Maybe this “old” idea will catch on and spread to the surrounding communities. It sure has caught on with me. I’m proud to call Hanahan my home.

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