Quoizel Sale Postponed

Quoizel Lighting, our local luxury lighting design warehouse, has postponed its annual sale until November 21-23, 2008. This is important to note whether you think you have money to spend there or not. Last year my husband coaxed me over to the sale, which is held in the commercial park of Crowfield Plantation, and we bought things I would have thought we’d have to be rich to have. A gorgeous new light for our dining room, for instance, was only $10. No, I didn’t forget a zero – it was $10. We got three Tiffany-style lamps, each was maybe $15. We got REAL WOOD tables at great prices as well. So there’s more than just lighting… and they have outdoor lighting also. It’s definitely worth a look (looking is FREE!), you’ll certainly be surprised at the quality you’ll get for the prices.

Big Hint: If you’re thinking of selling your house this is a great opportunity to update your home at little cost… and the updated ones are the ones that sell first!

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